Watchmen is a superhero movie made by Warner Brothers, it relased in 2009 and the movie was censored in order to reduce the runtime of the flim. When the movie bombed at the box office the studio tried to make up there losses by releasing the Director's Cut witch added these scenes back into the movie.


  • The scene where Rorschach is investing the Comedian's death was modified for the Director's Cut. In the theatrical version says "Somebody knows!" The Director’s Cut changes it so you see the side of Rorschach face shown and then he turns towards the sound of the ringing bell from the elevator.
  • The Director's Cut adds a scene where to cops find Rorschach. The first  Cop says "No I definitely heard somethings. They look around. The second cop says "Watch the door" and walks to the broken window looking at the tape. Rorschach appears behind him, the Cop turns around gets frightened and is knocked uncouncess down by Rorschach. The first Cop  still talking walks out of the adjoining room. "Must've been the wind. Next time you..." he slows down because he sees his unconscious colleague lying on the floor at the window: He looks to the broken window and in the opening there is Rorschach facing him. The frightened Cop pulls his gun and fires at Rorsachach, none of them hit him.  It then shows a empty window showing that he escaped. 
  • In the Director's cut there is a new scene that shows a news report. The news anchor says "This just in. The masked vigilante known as Rorschach has assaulted a police officer in the early-morning hours. Rorschach is on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list for violation of the Keene Act, which banned masked heroes six years ago. Rorschach reportedly incapacitated...." Hollis then says "Forced everyone out except him." Danny similes and says "Well, he'll quit. When he's dead."
  • The Director's Cut adds another shot of Danny walking through the streets.
  • The scene where Danny walks into his house was modified for the Director's Cut. In the Theatrical version Rorschach stand up, and answers the question where has he been "Out of Prison." Danny then says "So far". In the Director's Cut the scene where Danny says "So far" it was changed to "So Far. Heard about you on the news. Says you attacked a cop." Rorachach responds "Minor wound. Won't need hospitalization.
  • The scene where Rorschach says "Danny..." was modified for the Director's Cut. In the Theatrical cut there is a close-up of Rorschach’s face followed by a close-up of Danny who takes his glasses off. In the Director's Cut Danny nods while cleaning his glasses and listens to the story.
  • There is a new scene where Danny opens the  basement door and turns on the lights.
  • The scene where Rorschach heads towards the basements subway tunnel was modfied in the Director's Cut. In the Theatrical cut there was no dialouge. In the Director's Cut Roeschach says "Roeschach's journal. First vist of evning fruitless. Feel slightly depressed. Soon there will be a war. Millions will perish in sickness and misery. Why does one death matter against so many? Because there is good and evil, and evil must be punished. Even in the face of armangedoon. I will not compromise in this.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

The Director's Cut and Ultimate Edition are uncensored.

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