Watchmen is an American superhero movie was released on March 6, 2009. When TNT bought the rights to air the movie a number of scenes were censored in order to get a TV-14 VSL rating.


USA CensorshipEdit


  • The scene that shows Ozymandius using the knife to cut the Comedian's wist was modified for the TNT broadcast. In the TNT version the breaking bone sound effect was muted.
  • The scene where The SilkSpecter says "I was a hero goddammit!" it was changed to "I was a hero goddangit!"
  • The scene where NightOwl II says "We both know that's bullshit." it was changed to "We both know that's bullswill."
  • The scene that shows The SilkSpecter II looking at the porno comic was shortened.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

The DVD's are completely uncensored.

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