Trigun is a Japanese anime that originally broadcast in Japan from April 1st to September 30th of 1998. It was initially rejected from Toonami due to its heavy gun use. When it did broadcast on Adult Swim in 2003 it was censored it order to make the show more family friendly.


The words "shit" and "asshole" were cut on every occasion. Some brief nudity was removed from episode 3. The most frequent edit was cuts to scenes where guns/revolvers were drawn to people's heads.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

Uncensored DVDs and VHS were released worldwide; in America, these strangely enough were released with the same TV-14 or an even lower 13-and-up recommendation than the Adult Swim broadcast. Versions that are streaming from FUNimation's website, Hulu, and formerly Netflix are also uncensored.

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