Totalitarianism in India

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Being the largest democracy in the world, it is a matter of great offense and disgrace for the Indian people to have their governement take away their right to SPEAK--regardless of the medium or the duration of this censorship.

India is becoming no different than other Totalitarian regimes.

I posted this on my blogsite at Wordpress, which luckily, escaped the invading eyes of the Indian government:

Only a few minutes ago, I found out via this Indian blogger about the news that INDIA HAS BANNED BLOGS HOSTED ON BLOGGER, BLOGSPOT, TYPEPAD, and GEOCITIES! Earlier in the week, I emailed Jason asking him if the blogger platform was down–as blogger is known to be frequently down. However, he replied saying that nothing was wrong on his end, and that he was able to access his own and others’ blogspot accounts. Jason also added a comment, that now in hindsight is freakin omninous! He wondered if the Indian government had deliberately shut down the access to these blogs. I mentally dismissed that idea. India, afterall, is the world’s largest democracy! Hardly the kind of government you would expect to be getting all paranoid over democractic opinions on the internet. PAH! How wrong I was! INDIA IS A TOTALITARIAN REGIME! IT IS CURRENTLY IN VIOLATION OF THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH! Read all about this highly offensive story: [O]n July 15, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) had sent ISPs a list of sites to be blocked. R H Sharma, senior engineer with MTNL, said the list ran into some 22 pages. Read more on fellow blogger responses here. Incidentally, Wordpress has escaped the invasive eyes of the Indian government. Also, some private Indian ISP providers are still allowing access to some sites. However, it seems like only a matter of time before things get worse in this totalitarian country. UPDATE: According to Mutiny, “there is no ban in place”, rather it is the Indian Government instructing ISP’s to “control” access to a list of sites… hmmm… “control access”… that, in one word, is censorship! I can’t fathom how blind Mutiny has to be to not see this for what it is–a blatant violation of our rights! We have lost our freedom to SPEAK! Daniel left an apt comment in response to Mutiny’s post. He said: and in other news, The Indian Government has decided to turn off the water supply as it has been reported that the terrorists use water to live Its always good to see that any government has intelligent people making all the decisions. Apparently, it’s a move on the part of the government to crack down on terrorists who are communicating through these blogs. Well, this is news to me! I had no clue that Innommable, John Enright, Jason Hughes, Tyrel, and other blogspot bloggers are in fact terrorists. You guys, I thought we were pretty open with each other!

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