Total Drama Presents: The Ridiculous Race was a Canadian TV show that was made by Teletoon. When it was brought over to the USA Cartoon Network censored it in order to market more family friendly.


USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 22
  1. The scene that shows Kitty shivering due to feeling cold was modified for the Cartoon Network broadcast. In the Canadian version it has her say "First place and not forget to death." The dialogue was removed from the Cartoon Network broadcast.

European CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 2
  1. The scene where the Stepbrothers are fighting right after Chet defends his mother and pushes Lorenzo away was cut.
  2. The scene where a rock hits Spud's face was cut.
  3. Sanders getting tired because of the running was cut.
  4. Mary spitting a bug out was cut.
  • None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2
  1. The whole scene when Owen drinks a camel's saliva was cut.
  • Episode 3
  1. The scene in which Owen drinks camel's saliva was replaced with a moment from the Tennis Rivals interview.
  2. The scene where Owen used the toilet in the Catacombs was cut.
  • Episode 4
  1. The scene when Chet walks into the water was cut.
  2. The scene where Brody getting electrocuted was shortened.
  3. The scene where Mary spits the fly out of her was cut.
  • Episode 5
  1. Any scene where Taylor, Kelly and Mile vomits was.
  2. The Daters eating a bowel was cut.
  3. One of the Goths' interview was shortened.
  4. The scene where an armadillo spits was cut.
  • Episode 6
  1. The scene where the Daters are eating a bowel was cut.
  2. The scene where Owen eats Beary and then hugs Noah was cut.
  3. The Adversity Twins "bathroom" scene after the plane landed in Brazil was cut.
  4. Brody's injury was shortened.
  5. When the Vegans were eliminated, they showed a clip of Miles vomiting in the interview room. That scene was removed and was replaced by Miles and Laurie working on their costume.
  • Episode 7
  1. The interview of the Surfer Dudes when they arrived in Romania and talked about the Castle was shortened.
  2. Lorenzo pushing Chet at the airport was cut.
  3. When the Stepbrothers found the Don Box, Lorenzo made some noices before Chet took the Travel Tip. Lorenzo's noices were removed.
  4. Don getting hit in the balls was cut.
  5. All of Ryan's injuries in the gym was shortened.
  • Episode 8
  1. The scene where The Rockers, The Police Cadets and the Surfer Dudes are the cart with their donkey was removed.
  2. The scene where Lorenzo carries Chet over the hot coals was cut.
  • Episode 9
  1. Josee's spit was cut.
  2. The scene where Owen farted which made Noah and Emma go to the bathroom together was cut.
  3. When they showed Kelly's and Taylor's Best Moments, there was a scene with them vomiting. That scene was replaced with a scene that showed Taylor saying sorry to Kelly and resolving their relationship.
  • Episode 10
  1. Any scene where somebody vomits was cut.
  2. Emma complementing Noah's butt and intelligence was cut.
  • Episode 11
  1. Spud's and MacArthur's farts were removed.
  • Episode 13
  1. The scene when Emma asks Owen whether he used the toilet to do "number 1" or "number 2" was cut.
  2. The scene where Owen states that everyone poops and there's even a book about it.
  • Episode 14
  1. The scene where Owen's farts was cut.
  • Episode 16
  1. Most of Stephanie's vomiting scenes were removed.
  2. The scene where Owen has a massive fart and MacArthur's complementing about it was cut.
  • Episode 18
  1. The scene when Owen farts after getting a drop of dragon's drool into his eye was cut.
  • Episode 19
  1. The scene when Ryan and Stephanie are arguing was cut.
  2. The scene where Ryan was getting into the cage was cut.
  • Episode 20
  1. Geoff and Brody's "bathroom" scene was cut.
  • Episode 21
  1. Brody and Geoff's interview at the beginning of the episode was shortened.
  • Episode 22
  1. The scene where Sanders spits on MacArthur was cut.
  • Episode 23
  1. The scene where Devin's injurers his balls was cut.
  • Episode 24
  1. The scene where the Cadets and Ice Dancers swear revenge on the Sisters was cut.
  2. Kitty's conversation with Devin in the plane was shortened.
  3. During the Best Friends' elimination montage, the scene where Carrie vomits was replaced with the scene where Carrie and Devin kiss each other.
  • Episode 25
  1. During the Sisters' elimination montage, the scene where Emma barfs was replaced with the scene where Kitty is swimming in the cavern from this episode.
  2. The Cadets' interview after Josee hit MacArthur with a coconut was cut.
  • Episode 26
  1. The scene where Brody gets a leg cramps and eats the banana was cut.
  2. The interview where Geoff and Brody talk about "Turbo Boost" was cut.
  3. the scene where Josee says "We're Not!" it was replaced with a shot of the Cadets celebrating their win.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

The Canadian version is uncensored.

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