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Total Drama Island is a Canadian TV show, when it was brought over to the United States some crude language, and nudity was censored in order to be more family friendly.

Changes Edit

USA Censorship Edit

  • Episode 1 - When Duncan first arrives on the island, he tells Heather that he'll meet her by the campfire and calls her gorgeous. She replays "Drop dead, you skeeze!" This was changed to "Drop dead, you goof!".
  1. When Harold first sees the camp he says "You mean this show is at a crappy summer camp instead of some big stage or something?" It was changed to "you mean this show is at a yucky summer camp instead of some big stage or something?"
  2. In Gwen's first confessional she says, "Um, okay... so far this sucks." This was changed to "Um, okay... so far this stinks."
  3. After being pushed out of the way by Gwen in the cabins Heather tells her to "shut up" this was changed to "shut it"
  4. When Chris starts talking about the communal bathrooms, Lindsay says "Communal bathrooms? But, I'm not Catholic." This was changed to "Where's the spa? I'm confused."
  5. Chris replies by saying, "Not communion, communal" It was changed to "Wow, that's a... shocker".
  6. After Harold starts talking about his hypoglycemia Chef yells "You'll get a whole lot of  "Shut the heck up!'". This was changed to "You'll get... Sit your butt down!"
  7. When everyone is eating their meal in the mess hall Chef Hatchet calls Owen "fat boy." It was changed to  "big guy".
  8. After talking about on how their first challenge couldn't be hard DJ and the others see what the challenge actually is and he says "Oh (bleep)" This line is cut out and it is replaced with a loon calling.
  • Episode 2 -  When Owen says, "I'm going to die now; I'm going to frickin' die now!" It was changed to "I'm going to die now I'm going totally die now!"
  1. Owen yells "Oh crap!" and then screams as he falls down the cliff into the water. Oh crap was removed and instead Owen yells until he hits the water.
  2. When Eva tells Courtney, "Shut up and pick up your crate!" It was changed to "Shut it and pick up your crate!"
  3. When Ezekiel tells Courtney that her eye is getting worse she tells him to "Shut up." It was changed to "Shut it".
  4. When Chris tells the Killer Bass that it "sucks to be them." It was changed to "stinks to be them."
  5. When Courtney tells Duncan to "Shut up!" when he is wearing the chicken hat. It was changed to "Shut it"
  6. Gwen says "the camp pretty much still sucks". It was changed to "the camp pretty much stinks."
  • Episode 3 - When Chris says  line "Shut up!" it is changed to"Get out!"
  1. When  Chris says "That is so frickin' cool!"to Justin, it is changed to, "That is so crazy incredible.
  2. When Chris reading a book about Canada, he says "that the beaver has a dam fine hat". It was changed to "It is a  real fine hat".
  3. When Eva is about to leave, she says, "Who needs this stupid TV show anyway?". It was changed to "Who needs this Lame-O TV show anyway?"
  • Episode 4 - Chris tells Ducan "You look like crap dude." It was changed to "You look like death dude. Ducan replies "Stuff it." It is changed to "Stick it"
  1. In the confessional stall Courtney says "We are so sucking right now!" It was changed to "We are so stinking right now."
  2. Courtney tells Harold "Oh, I believe... I believe you suck!" It was changed to "Oh I believe...I believe you stink!"
  3. In the scene where Heather asks the Killer Bass "How does it feel to suck so much?" The word suck was removed so it now says "How does it feel to so much?"
  4. Courtney says her team needs someone who will "crush those stupid Gopheres into the dirt." It was changed to "crush those lame-o Gopheres into the dirt."
  • Episode 5 - Bridgette says, "We already know Tyler sucks, what can Duncan do again?" It was changed to "We already know Tyler sinks, what can Duncan do again?"
  • Episode 6 - When Chris introduces the title theme and says "Who will be the next one to walk on this crappy dock?" It is changed to "Who will be the next to walk on this lame dock?"
  1. When Owen makes a bear sound Heather says, "Will you please shut up?" It was changed to "Will you please shut it?"
  • Episode 7 - Duncan says "Shut up!" after Courtney taunts him about his phobia. It was changed to "Shut it!
  1. Trent exclaims, "Oh crap, Gwen!" when he realizes he forgot to dig her out from the sand. It was changed to "Oh no, Gwen.
  • Episode 8 - Geoff asks DJ if he "screwed up." It is changed to "messed up."
  • Episode 9 - In the original version, Heather considers Chef's eggs to be "crappy"; this was changed to "yucky."
  1. Owen shouts, "Aw crap!" when he suddenly sees a snake while hiding in the bushes. It was changed to "Ahh, a snake!".
  2. Beth says, "Go ahead, shoot me. You can't make today any suckier!"; It was changed to "Go ahead, shoot me . You can't make my day any stinker."
  3. Heather originally considers the challenges "lame and stupid," It was changed to "Lame and foolish.

Canadian Censorship Edit

  • Episode 1 - After commenting on how their first challenge couldn't be hard, DJ and the others see what the challenge actually is and he says, "Oh (bleep)".

Were to Find uncensored. Edit

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