The Looney Tunes Show is a American TV show and came out in May 3, 2011 and it ended in August 31, 2013. The show is rated TV-PG in the USA on Cartoon Network, due to some crude language it was censored in Australia.

Season 1Edit

Australian/New Zealand CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 9
  1. "You're darn right I don't!" it was changed to "You're right I don't!".
  2. "So long sucker!" it was changed to "So long"
  • Episode 11
  1. Bugs is taking to Daffy and says "It was fine until some jerk came in" it was changed to "It was fine"
  2. The scene where one of the people shopping at the store points at Daffy and says "Hey everyone! This jerk's responsible for the automatic carrot peeler!" was cut.
  • Episode 17
  1. The Merrie Melodies short "Daffy Duck the Wizard" part of it was cut due to one of the scenes showing slaves and them wearing traditional medieval clothing.
  2. The Merrie Melodies short "Daffy Duck the Wizard part of it was cut due to Daffy kissing Celestia.
  • Episode 18
  1. Daffy says "Oh, hello, officer jerkface." It was changed to "Oh, hello, officer."
  2. The scene where Daffy grabbs his parade float was cut.
  3. The scene where Daffy says "Ronald Regan was right" was cut.
  4. The scene where Bugs says "communist Russia" was cut. 
  5. Yosemite Sam is taking to Lola and says "Cool your jets, blondie." it was changed to "Cool your jets."
  6. The scene where Lola driving through the train was cut.
  7. Wile E Coyote lighting the fuse on the bomb was cut.
  • Episode 19-The female robber kissing Steve St. James was cut.
  1. The scene where Daffy is taking about about the man about assaulting his wife was changed to Daffy just staring at the man.
  2. Daffy being splated by Bugs at the modern Printer was cut.
  3. The scenes that shows Yosemite Sam running around naked was cut
  • Episode 25- Was never aired.
  • Episode 26-Was never aired.

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