The show is made in the USA and is shown on Cartoon Network, it is rated TV-PG. It is censored around the world in order to make it more family friendly.

Season 1Edit

Latin AmericaEdit

  • Episode 5
  1. The scene where Steven and Peedee finds Frybo force-feeding customers French fries; Mr. Smiley pleads for mercy, and Frybo fills his mouth with more French fries was cut.
  2. The scene where Steven runs into Frybo while nude, and his butt was shown was cut.
  3. Any diolgue taking about buts was removed.
  4. Frybo's sound when Steven takes the shard out of him was muted.
  • Episode 30
  1. Lars and Sadie's exaggerated kiss was modfied, the back-rubbing and the moaning sounds were cut. Only Lars' lips touching Sadie's is seen before the scene ends.
  2. Sadie forcefully pushing the sharpened stick deeper into the Invisible Gem Monster when she realizes it didn't die from her initial stabs was cut.
  3. The sound of Sadie is hunting fish was muted.
  • Episode 34
  1. The scene where Garnet kicks the Watermelon Stevens was cut.
  2. The scene where Garnet punches two watermelons and kicks one was cut.
  • Episode 51
  1. Most of the scene where Garnet is affected by the Gem Destavilizer was cut.


Southeast AsiaEdit









Middle EastEdit





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