The show was realsed on starz with a TV-MA rating, but some scenes were cut due to graphic sex and graphic nudity. It was latter added back in on the blu-ray.

Season 1Edit

Differences between the Exteened Edition and the TV version.

  • Episode 1- Spartacus watches the events on the party a little longer. One of the slaves has a dildo on his head, additional shots of nude woman are shown (42:21 / 42:28). A sence with two woman rubbing their breasts together was cut(42:29 / 42:53).
  • Episode 2-The exteened verison used alternative footage during the scene of the body care so that Cirxus' penis can be seen better(6:26 / 5:51). It is shown from a different angle(6:41 / 6:13)
  • Episode 6-Some additional shots of nudity and graphic sex, some more fooage of the orgy.(26:48 / 26:10) A scene with two homosexual gladiators was postponed for the Extended Version(33:58 / 34:48) A man buries his face in between a whore's legs. Additionally, the scene is about twice as long in the Extended Version and (as opposed to the TV Version) the woman doesn't wear underpants(34:28 / 34:00). Some more sex scenes during the orgy. There's a blowjob, regular sex, sex with an audience, double-penetrations and sex connected with a game of dice(34:32 / 34:05). Pietros searches for his beloved Barca(34:49 / 34:26). During this scene, there's 1 different sequence. Only the Extended Version focuses on a sex scene in the foreground. Two different sequences with Ashur in the background who looks for Barras(35:02 / 34:40). A short scene of a conversation between Barras and Ashur has different camara angles(36:09 / 35:47). A short scene where a whore does something to a man's butt is a little longer(40:22 / 40:00).
  • Episode 8-When the Gaul walks to Spartacus, the TV Version changes the image section. The Gaul's penis can therefore only shortly be seen in the background. The Extended Version shows all of it(33:14 / 32:35).

Season 2Edit

Differences between the Exteened Edition and the TV version.

  • Episode 1-A young companion talks to Spartacus: "I will kill many Romans."
    Spartacus: "Of that I have no doubt. Return to training." After he throws the food into the water, Rhaskos makes a dismissive remark: "Let the rabbits feed themselves." After the magistrate's rant about the dissatisfying fight, he adds in the extended version: "Even for the lesser games of the Vulvanalia." The magistrate's rant continues: "Would that Batiatus yet lived, to feel the sting of blame properly braced." Seppius: "Spartacus and his shits will be put to grass soon enough. And I've already sent dispatch to Rome for aid in the matter." Seppia: "Perhaps you can secure better entertainment as well. The current offerings bore beyond the telling." The bandit adds: "I was there in Pompeji the day he faced Theokoles and barely lived to speak of it. Oenomaus he was called." Spartacus motivates Varro's wife: "A lopsided grin, eyes promising mischief. I've seen that many times. On his father."Varro's wife: "It was what drew me to him. I felt love the crooked bend of Varro's lips long before the man himself."Spartacus: "As did I." the extended cut shows Mira stepping forward and starting a short dialogue about Spartacus' plan.Mira: "Was he swayed?" A Man in background: "Have you met the man?" Mira: "Taking such a large force to the city is foolish." Agron: "As are all things in the pursuit of a woman."A little more fighting but nothing too explicit except for the naked lady in between. Every time when the catamite can be seen thile the extended version shows him having sperm on his face. The prostitute gets urinated on by the Roman soldier. She doesn't like it. He does. Lucretia looks at Ilithyia unsecurely. Ilithyia says: "You won't shed a fucking tear." Seppius reacts on his sisters provoking remark that she likes the praetor: "As I have favored the shade of our villa." Seppius reacts on his sisters provoking remark that she likes the praetor: "As I have favored the shade of our villa."
  • Episode 2-The doctor checks Oenomaus's nose and concludes: "Broken."Titus Batiatus: "A minor injury. And only to instruct." The doctor adjusts the nose.A little more dialogue after Oenomaus demanded more opponents.Announcer: "You wish to leave this world, I shall ferry you." Then he speaks to the public and says: "Addonexus thirsts for yet more blood. And he shall have it!" Extended talk between Ilithyia and Seppia. Ilithyia: "Unless you intent tribute to the oracle of Batiatus as well?" Seppia: "I do not push about in throngs. I find the odor of desperation lingers upon garment." Ilithyia: "We are of similar mind." Seppia: "More so tethered by blood and marriage."
  • Episode 4-Spartacus talks to the injured Nasir: "And I'm forever in his debt." Nasir: "You were right. My sword becomes lighter with each Roman I have taken." Lucretia bows her head completely in order to greet Cossutius. The TV version stops during the half of it. More loveplay and more shots of the people involved. Love play scene is then played in slow motion. The movement of Varinius' head differs slightly making it seem like that in the TV version he liked it more. When they pause at the waterhole, one of Spartacus' men says: "Nevia is burden enough." The men and women in the middle caress each other more. A barely naked woman goes out of the picture. A longer discussion between Ilithyia and Senator Albinius. He thinks that she was interested in Gaius right from the start while she claims otherwise. Albinius: "Well, the fault stands equally shared, for succumbing to your teary-eyed pleas in defense of misplaced affections." Ilithyia: "Years have proven them so." Cossutius says something about the maltreated companion of Spartacus and then goes off with his subordinates. Seppia doesn't seem to think too highly of him. Seppia: "I do not care for the way he looks at me." Varinius: "Few women do" The TV version omits that and uses a different take when Cossutius and his subordinates go off. Glaber's reaction on the comment that Ilithyia doesn't shy away from ending lives differs in both versions. While he answers in the extended version, he only smiles uneasily and doesn't say anything in the TV version. Glaber: "I only regret she moves prematurely, robbing deed from more deserving hands." More simulated loveplay in the extended version.
  • Episode 5- A short dialogue between Spartacus and Lucius in the extended version. Spartacus: "It appeared abandoned." Lucius: "I stand proof it is not! Return to where you came." The TV version only shows a short close-up of the grim looking Lucius.More dialogue in the temple. Lucius tells more about Sulla. Lucius: "... punishing any who dared to defy him" Spartacus: "A slave is so treated." Lucius: "I have owned them. If that be offense enough, have my life. The wine's gone anyway." Varinius says a little more when Ilithyia is worrying about the games' quality.Lucretia engages in the discussion. Lucretia: "I have envoked the god Hymenaeus to sanction the union. His blessing is affirmed. Varinius: "The Gods bestow gift beyond measure." Albinius says a little more regarding Ilithyias new marriage plans: "Yet we must proceed with caution. I would not have Gaius aware of our plans until presented with dissolution, lets he make public scene." After Varinius expressed his interest in the marriage with Ilithyia, Albinius drops a line: Albinius: "He appears well pleased."Lucretia says to Ilithyia: Lucretia: "Until life flees from body." Lucretia adds a short description of the task she has for Ashur.Lucretia: "Simple task."After Ashur got the task by Lucretia, a little more dialogue follows:Ashur: "You have a way of making a man invisible as well." Lucretia: "Great spectacle is being made of the games tomorrow. Ilithyia's slaves attend her. Most of Glaber's men provide welcome security to calm nervous city. It should not be hard for a man of your talents to avoid the remainder." When Ashur asks what would happen if he were seen, the extended version shows him while the TV cut features his question as an off-commentary. An exterior shot of the burning arena is new in the extended version.

Season 3Edit

Differences between the Exteened Edition and the TV version.

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