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The TV show is a Japanese anime, when the anime was brought over to the USA the channel 4KIDS censored the anime in order to get a TV-Y7-FV rating. 4KIDS made the anime more family friendly and removed any Japanese text in order to make it more acceptable to Americans.


  • In the Japanese version when guns were used there would be a bullet sound effects, In the American version it was replaced with a laser sound effects.
  • Some scenes in the Japanese version has blood, violence, death, text and gunfire, these were removed in order to make the sure more family friendly and americanize the show so young viewers would not be confused when text appared.
  • The light from some attacks were made darker, and some of the attack backgrounds are changed.
  • During the third season, Rouge blackmails Bokkun with a pendant. In the Japanese version, it was revealed that a picture of Cream is inside the pendant, thus revealing that Bokkun has a crush on Cream. The picture was never shown in the American version
  • The Japanese version features Eyecatch cards at various intervals, displaying details about a character, such as weight, height and age. It even extends to Eggman's various robots. This was removed in the American version due to showing Japanese text.
  • In the American version Rouge's cleavage is sometimes edited to make her breasts seem smaller, this is done to get rid of some of the sexual innuendo.
  • Any scene that has alcohol in it was changed to portray more child-friendly beverages. Champagne is replaced with Cola while beer is replaced with orange juice.

Where to find it ununcensoredEdit

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