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General censorshipEdit

Widespread censorship here.

  • Pornography "banned"
  • Government can fire or censor anyone they want in the news media
  • International publications such as The Economist are restricted
  • Malaysian newspapers banned
  • All television and radio stations are owned by the government

Internet CensorshipEdit


Certain pages on Malayasian subjects were recently discovered to be inaccessable from at least one ISP (


  1. The page can be viewed by changing the url slightly: such as encoding a few characters in hexidecimal, or using the history to find an oldid, or using a google cache. The same pages with the same content are also not inaccessable on other wikis, making this seem suspiciously targeted if it is indeed censorship.
  2. These return a connection timeout or blank page. This is in contrast to other blocked internet sites, such as pornography, which will return a message such as "The site you requested is not accessible. For more information please check with the Media Development Authority."


  • Various pornographic sites
  • Playboy (lifestyle)
  • (religious, Protestant fundamentalist cartoonist Jack Chick's website)
  • (lifestyle)

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