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Samurai Champloo is a Japaneses anime that was released in 2004. Adult Swim latter bought the rights to the show a rerelased it in the United States, but due to the networks standards on nudity some scenes were cut.


  • Episode 5-The second picture shows a  woman being raped, this was removed.
  1. When Mugen stands up and he says "Ahhh, shit." This line was cut.
  2. The Ukyo-E picture that Manzo shows the slave-trader was blurred.
  3. Fuu's nipple was removed.
  4. The sunflower in the picture of Fuu was extended to cover Fuu's breast.
  5. Again you see the picture of Fuu, again the sunflower was extended to cover her breast.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

The Japaneses version is uncesnored and the DVD's are uncensored.

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