Samurai Champloo is a Japaneses anime that was released in 2004. Adult Swim latter bought the rights to the show a relased it in the United States, but due to the networks standards some scenes were censored.


USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 1
  1. The scene where Jin says "Even if that lord is an unimportant piece of shit." The word "shit" was muted.
  2. The scene where one of the goons says "shit" was modified for the Adult Swim broadcast. In the Adult Swim version the goons mumble.
  • Episode 2
  1. The scene where Mugen says "shit" after Poison Woman tells him Fuu's been kidnapped. The word "shut" was muted.
  • Episode 4
  1. The scene where Mugen  says "What's up with that shit?" when Nagatomi's goon interrupt his fight with Jin. The word "shit" was muted.
  2. When Mugen says "Get back here you asshole!" The asshole is removed from the Adult Swim broadcast.
  3. When Mugen says "That's a bunch of bullshit" as he confronts Nagatomi. The bullshit is removed from the Adult Swim broadcast
  4. Mugen's says "Send the toughest mofo you can find" as he walks out on Nagatomi. The word mofo is removed from the Adult Swim broadcast
  5. Nagatomi's says "shit" when he slips out of the gambling house battle. Shit is muted.
  • Episode 5
  1. The second picture shows a  woman being raped, this was removed.
  2. When Mugen stands up and he says "Ahhh, shit." This line was cut.
  3. The Ukyo-E picture that Manzo shows the slave-trader was blurred.
  4. Fuu's nipple was removed.
  5. The sunflower in the picture of Fuu was extended to cover Fuu's breast.
  6. Again you see the picture of Fuu, again the sunflower was extended to cover her breast.
  • Episode 6
  1. When Mugen says "You're shit out of luck". The word shit is removed from the Adult Swim broadcast.
  2. When Mugen says"This ain't no time to be stingy, asshole!" The word asshole is removed from the Adult Swim broadcast.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

The Japaneses version is uncesnored and the DVD's are uncensored.

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