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Censorships were put on Cartoon Gumball

  1. In Don, The flashback is cut
  2. In The Power, Rigby saying 'pissed' is cut (Mordecai: Then we have to go get him! Benson: Hey, have you two seen skips?)
  3. In Meat your Maker, the scenes with Mordecai crossing his arms are cut
  4. In Free Cake, The birthday set-up goes before M&R walking in the woods to make Mordecai saying 'pissed' cut
  5. In a grilled cheese episode, the viral video is cut
  6. In Ello Govnor, Mordecai saying "YOU'RE SCREAMING LIKE A FREAKING MANIAC!" is changed to "YOU'RE SCREAMING LIKE A FREAK!"
  7. In the night owl, M.M saying "FREAKIN SWEAT!" is changed to "SWEAT!"

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