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Introduction Edit

  • For all Indian Jobs
  • This is a collection of blog posts protesting the blocking of blogs in India.
  • Please post permalinks to blog posts here, not links to the blog's home page.
  • These links can be your own blogs or to others you have seen.
  • The list is not restricted to bloggers in India or Indian bloggers; it is open to all bloggers everywhere who care to protest.
  • If there are multiple posts from the same blog, put them all in the same line, with the additional links marked "(2)," "(3)," etc.
  • If you have a short quote which you think should be highlighted, please place that quote on the Bloggerquotes page.
  • If you wish to access blogspot blogs which are a part of this list, please replace in the URI with
  • Please see posts on the blogs of Neha, Mridula, Dina and Jace for chronological unravelling of events.
  • ==

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Blogs without permalinks Edit

You will have to search through them to find the relevant post. If you find one, do please come back, change the blog link to a link to that post, and place it in one of the alphabetical sections above. Thanks.

Search Edit

Blogger's Collective on:

Bloggers Against Censorship wikia on:

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