Stuff that I couldn't think of any other category to put it in goes here. coveres everything from 'hey kids, go kill black people' to showing people smoking in a way that isn't portrayed as bad.


Anything 'glorifying' drugs, alcohol 'misuse', or (to a lesser extent) smoking is generally taken as grounds to censor it, at least as far as 'children' are concerned. Especially on the TV and in film.


Anything 'glorifying' crime is taken as a grounds to censor it, at least as far as 'children' are concerned. Especially on the TV. Anything directly encouraging the committing of a crime is incitement, which is illegal. Anything explaining how to commit a crime cannot be shown on the TV


The RaRHA censors anything 'inciting' religious/racial hatred. MAY also censor certain types of blasphemy. The IWF censors racist material that is hosted in the UK (or, is it all racist material?)

TA censors the "glorification" of terrorism


The Suicide Act criminalizes "A person who aids, abets, counsels or procures the suicide of another", censoring anything 'counceling' someone to commit suicide, or (possibly) general advice on how to commit suicide. (note that the suicide act also decriminalised suicide, so this doesn't fall under the normal 'glorifying crime' rules)

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