Friendship is MagicEdit

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Over-all episodesEdit

Episodes with a holiday theme where skipped in Turkey for the country's religious beliefs.

Season 5Edit

Episode 99Edit

"The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" is s5e8

In the Treehouse airing, multiple things are taken out. The closed captions represent this with (silenced) since the characters are still visibly talking on screen.

  • Gilda calling Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash "losers" (after "we don't have a king")
  • happens again with "dweebs" (after "what's your excuse")
  • and again when Pinkie says "Hey! These 'dweebs' are here to help Griffonstone!"
  • "dumb" is silenced when Gilda says "none of us care about that dumb old idol"
  • Rainbow Dash's exclaiming "Doofus!" at Gilda the griffon (after "what took you so long?")

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