The Loud House is a American cartoon that was made by Nickelodeon. The Loud House came out in May 2, 2016. The show was banned in Kenya in 2017.


Kenya CensorshipEdit

  • The show was banned in Kenya due to it being "Pro Gay".

UK CensorshipEdit

Nickelodeon UKEdit

Season OneEdit

  • Episode 12
  1. The scene that shows Lynn and Lincoln listing to different types of balls was cut.
  2. The scene that shows Lincoln's reaction to Lynn's comment about balls was cut.

Israel CensorshipEdit

Season TwoEdit

  • Episode 13
  1. The scene that shows Lincoln and Clyde looking at a picture where Clyde is dressed as Lori was modified for the Israeli release. In the uncensored version it shows blood coming out of Clyde's noise, in the Israeli release the blood was digitally removed.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

The American version is completely uncensored and the DVD's are completely uncensored.