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The Looney Tunes was a Cartoon Show that was made in America, when episodes started to get relreased on cartoon network some episodes were changed due to violence, and some episodes were banned due to racism.


Banned EpisodesEdit

  • Hittin' the Trail for Halleluhah Land
  • Sunday Go to Meetin' Time
  • Clean Pastures
  • Uncle Tom's Bungalow
  • Jungle Jitter
  • The Isle of Pingo Pong
  • All This and Rabit Stew
  • Coal Black and de Seben Swarfs
  • Tin Pan Alley Cats
  • Angel Puss
  • Goldilocks and the Jvin' Bears

Were to Find UncensoredEdit

The golden dvd collection is uncensored.

Were to find uncensoredEdit

The golden collection DVD's are uncensored and when you watch it online it is uncensored.

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