Green Lantern was a superhero movie that was relased in 2011. The movie was made by DC/ Warner Brothers, when the movie bombed at the box office and got negtive reviews Warner Brothers desided to relase a exteened edition. The Extended Edition adds 9 min and 33 seconds to the movie.

Extened EditionEdit

These scenes where added into the movie.

  1. Hal has a flashback of what happened to him when it was 1993. Young Hal can not sleep due to the fact that he is going to watch his dad test a new plan the next day. he is going to watch his dad. When he hears voices he gets up and goes down the stairs. He then hears his parents talking to each other. Father: "I mean, we go into this every time." Mother: "It's not every time. " Father: ''"No, honey think back"' Mother: '"I was fine the last time. I'm usually fine. I'm fine with your work. Can I just tell you something? " Father: ''"Of course you can." Mother: I'm scared, honey." Father: "Shh, shh.."
  2. His father then goes to Hals room who is in his bed. Young Hal: ""Is everything okay?" Father:  "Oh, you know how Mom gets before a test flight." Young Hal:  "But you're not scared, are you, Dad?" Father: "Let's just say it's my job not to be. Good night, son."
  3. The next morning he walks up due to plans flying over the house, he then goes gets his breakfast, Mom: "Hal, you're gonna be late." Young Hal: '"Good morning, Mom. Gotta go." He then runs to the airfield.
  4. Young Hal meets his dad during the last preparations, he also sees Carl Ferris. Young Hal: "You think she'll break mach 3?" Father: "We'll find out soon enough. Hey, shouldn't you be in school?" Young Hal: '"Mr. Ferris raised the rear stabilizer." Father: "Yes, he did." Engineer: "The yaw rate gyros are calibrated, but the pitch is off 2 degrees." Father: "I can live with that. How about the INS?" Engineer; "Good to go." Father: "Okay." Carl: "Be sure to check the ignition sequences." Father: "Be sure to check the ignition sequences." Carl: "Right. And, uh, the gyros? Did we do the gyro calibrations?" Father: "Hey, Carl. Maybe Hal would like to join Carol up in your office. The two of them can watch together." Carl: "Come on, young man. Let's go find Carol." Father: "Hal. Keep it warm for me."

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