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The show is a Cartoon made by Disney Channel for a American audience. But due to the show somtimes having a dark tone the show was editied in some nations in order to make it so little kids can watch it.

Season 1Edit

Southeast AsiaEdit

  • Episode 1-Dipper's line, "What the heck is going on here?!" was shortened to, "What is going on here?!" Mabel's line, "You guys are butt-faces!" was shortened to, "You guys are faces!"
  • Episode 3-The shot where the miner spits on the road was cut.
  • Episode 15- Wendy;s line, "I make the rules, sucka!" was shortened to "I make the rules!"
  • Episode 19-Bill's line, "Later, suckers!" was shortened to "Later!"  Soos's line, "Ha ha, he's dead now," was cut.
  • Episode 20-The scene where the guards collapse after being hit by the gnomes was cut.

Season 2Edit

Latin America CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 11-Dipper reads the "STAN PINES DEAD" headline as "El fin de Stan Pines," meaning "The end of Stan Pines."
  • Episode 18-Prestom Northwest's screams after  Bill scrambles his face are muted.

Southeast Asia CensorshipEdit

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