Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime that was latter realsed in the USA by Cartoon Network. Due to wanting to target a young audience the show was censored, violence, all of death,swear words and crude humor were removed.

Season OneEdit

USA censorshipEdit

  • Episode 1-After the farmer gets killed with the bullet Raditz threw back at him, a voiceclip of him saying "That smarts..." was added in.
  1. In the scene where Master Roshi is holding a mug of beer, the beverage has its color changed to blue.
  2. The scene with Bulma bashing Master Roshi in the head for trying to touch her breasts was removed.
  • Episode 2-Gohan's tears were censored as he was being kidnapped by Raditz.
  • Episode 4-The blood that was dripping from Piccolo's shoulder after getting his arm blasted off was recolored green.
  1. The scene where Raditz backhands Gohan was cut.
  2. While Goku and Raditz are being blasted by the Special Beam Cannon, the blast is only seen going through Raditz. Additionally, all of the blood was edited out.
  3. As Goku's dead body was phasing into another dimension, the glob of blood he left behind in the grass was edited out.
  • Episode 5-When Krillin was on his way to Chi-Chi's house to deliver the news about Goku's death, he claims that Guku was "trapped in another dimension". That was used in order to make it seem like he can't die.
  1. The thought bubble where Gohan is imagining an apple tree is edited out.
  • Episode 9-The scene where one of Princess Snake's attendants plays Russian Roulette is cut.
  • Episode 15-Shortly after Nappa and Vegeta landed on East City, Vegeta says "Too bad it's Sunday. Those buildings would've been filled up tomorrow". For further emphasis, after leveling the city, Nappa goes on to claim that it was "evacuated" this scene was cut.
  • Episode 16-There are two scenes were editied in order to be more family family, Nappa destroys manned helicopters; the first, where an off-screen news crew member says "They blew up the cargo robot!" while in the next, Tien Shinhan exclaims "Look! I can see their parachutes! They're okay" This was never in the orignal version.
  • Episod 17-Various shots of Yamcha's lifeless corpse are painted over to show an empty crater.
  1. Master Roshi groping Bulma's rear is cut.
  • Episode 21-When Piccolo dies, his body fades away. In the uncut version, his lifeless corpse remains on the battlefield.
  • Episode 22-Censorship stars are used in order to  cover direct hits to the face.
  • Episode 26-Vegeta's fist is never seen connecting to Yajirobe's face; instead Yajirobe was immediately seen flying across the ground.
  1. The scene where Vegeta beat Yajirobe while he was on the ground ended up getting completly removed.

Season TwoEdit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 7-The scenes with the dead Namekian bodies, now had breathing and moaning sounds added to them in order for them to appear as if they were still living.
  • Episode 8-When Dodoria stabs his hand through one of the Namekian warriors, the hole was digitally removed in order to make it seem as if he simply punched him in the back.
  1. The  Namekian that were killed by Dodoria orginally had blood, this blood was digitally removed.
  2. The scene where Dodoria kills Cargo with a Mouth Energy Wave was cut. Instead, some dialogue was added in order to make it seem as if Moori was the one that he was aiming for.
  3. When Dodoria kills Moori by snapping his neck was removed. Instead, sound effects were added as the camera cut to the Namekians' reactions.
  4. The scene where the nurse was getting angry at Master Roshi for touching her butt was removed.
  • Episode 18-The scene where Vegeta jammed his fist through Zarbon's stomach was cut and edited to make it look as if it was an regular stomach blow.
  1. The blue blood that was on Vegeta's gloves was digitally removed.
  2. The Final Galick Cannon blast is never seen going through Zarbon. Instead, a flash of light occurs during the camera's close-up on Vegeta, and then Zarbon is sent flying.
  • Episode 27-The scene where Vegeta slices Guldo's head off was changed to look as if Guldo's head was still on his body.
  1. The scene where Guldo's disembodied head was speaking was removed entirely. Instead, they skipped to the part where Vegeta finished him off, while claiming that he has been sent to "the next dimension".
  • Episode 31-The scene where Recoome flips off Goku in response to his power was removed during airings of the episode.

Season 3Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

Season 4Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

Season 5Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

Season 6Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

Season 7Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

Season 8Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 19-The scene where Master Roshi buried his face into Android 18's breasts after the airplane crash was removed.
  • Episode 26-The scene with Videl slapping Master Roshi for trying to touch her breasts was removed.
  1. The scene where Babidi flipped Goku off was cut.
  2. The scene where blood was gushing out of Babidi's headless body was removed.
  • Episode 27-The scene at the beginning with Babidi's headless body was cut.

Season 9Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 1-Most of Mr. Satan's near-fatal confrontation with Van Zant was removed. All that was left of the scene was the noice of a gunshot and Van Zant ruining away.
  1. The scene where Van Zant attempts to kill Evil Buu by shooting him was removed.
  • Episode 3-In the uncut version, Piccolo says to Super Buu, "There's plenty of people you could kill for your amusement while you're waiting for this fight.". In the edited version, it was changed to, "There's plenty of people you could amuse yourself with while you're waiting for this fight."
  1. Any scenes that involved people getting killed by Super Buu's Human Exitnction Attack was removed.
  • Episode 4-The scenes where Master Roshi touches Bulma's butt and gets slapped for burying his face into her breasts as they were watching Piccolo lead Super Buu to the Hyperbloic Time Chamber, was cut.
  • Episode 10-In the uncut version, Gohan tells Super Buu that he wants to kill him, while in the TV edited version, it was changed to "destroy".
  • Episode 20-The scene where Super Buu materialized an outhouse toilet was removed from the TV airing.

Were to find uncensoredEdit

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