Dragon Ball is a Japanese anime it was brought over to the USA by Cartoon Network. The anime was censored to be more family friendly, violence, blood, sexual situations, mentions of death and nudity were removed in the United States version.

Season OneEdit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 1
  1. In the Japan version Goku is naked, but the USA version Goku is wearing underwear in the scene where he skinny dips to catch a Giant Fish. The part where he pees in the water  was removed.
  2. The part where Goku lifts Bulma's skirt to see her panties was completely removed
  3. The part where Bulma shoots Goku with a gun was completely removed.
  4. The scene where Bulma lifts up her skirt and offers to let Goku touch her butt if he gives her the Dragon Ball was completely removed.
  • Episode 2
  1. When Goku is naked standing in front of Bulma in the beginning of Goku's bath scene there is a stool digitally added to cover his privates  During rest of the bath scene, the lower part of the screen was cropped to make it so his crotch was not visible.
  2. The dialogue in Bulma's bubble bath scene was completely changed in all of the English dubs. In the Japanese version, Goku is talking to her about her breasts, but in the English versions, he is saying that he wants to scrub her back.
  3. The scene of Pilaf passing out due to the gas he used against the Pilaf Gang is cut.
  4. The scene where Goku takes off Bulma's panties and discovers that girls don't have male private parts was completely removed.
  • Episode 3
  1. The blood in the fight between Goku and the Bear Thief was digitally removed.
  2. The scene of Bulma lifting her dress up for Master Roshi was removed. Instead, Roshi just gives her the ball.
  3.  Roshi asks to see Bulma's bellybutton instead of her underwear. The scene of her exposing herself was removed.
  4. The scene where Bulma loads her machine gun and shoots at Goku for taking off her underwear was completely removed.
  • Episode 4
  1. Goku touching  Pochawopa's crotch was removed.
  2. When he touches Gradma Paozu's is still present, but the dialogue is changed to make it seem like Goku is dusting off the old lady's apron.
  • Episode 5
  1. Goku touching Olong's crotch to check to see if he is male or female was cut.
  2. The scene where Bulma lured Oolong as a fishwith underwear was changed to dollar bills.
  3. The scenes of Oolong's diarrhea in the bush and coming out with toilet paper were cut.
  4. The scene where Oolong turns into panties in front of an angry Bulma was removed.
  • Episode 6
  1. The sequence of Bulma in the shower is shortened, and is risque shot of Yamacha seeing Bulma walking around naked is changed to that she walks around with clothing on.
  2. When a nude Bulma looks out the camper window, there is glare covering her breasts.
  3. Bulma was digitally covered up, this was done to disguise the original plot of Oolong attempting to molest Bulma in her sleep.
  • Episode 7
  1. The scene in which Chi-Chi decapitates the dinosaur chaged, instead it focuses on the shadow.
  2. The moment when Yamcha hits Chi-Chi is changed. Instead, it shows Puar's face with the sound effects of Yamcha knocking her out in the background.
  3. A paint error in the original version left Bulma's legs naked in one scene. FUNimation changed the color of her legs back to the blue of her pantyhose.
  4. In the original Japanese version, Chi-Chi pushes Goku off the Nimbus for his patting her crotch. In the US version it is because he criticizes her revealing outfit.
  • Episode 8
  1. Roshi's desire to see Bulma's breasts, the US version changes it to Master Roshi wants Bulma to walk on the beach with him.
  2. The scene where Oolong disguised as Bulma and exposing his breasts to Master Roshi giving him a nosebleed was completely removed.
  • Episode 11
  1. The scene where Bulma shows the middle finger to Emperor Pilaf while being captured was removed.
  2. The scene where Yamcha freaks out from Bulma exposing her cleavage while waking up Goku is removed.
  3. The US version removed Oolong's private part, which was visible when he was in his bat form.
  • Episode 12
  1. The penis that is visible in Oolong's bat form was removed in the US version.
  2. Oolong says that he wishes for the world's most comfortable underwear in all of the US version, but in the Japanese version he says that he wishes for some hot chick's panties.
  3. The panties Oolong wishes for has Shenron on it.
  • Episode 13
  1. When Goku turns back into his normal form from a Great Ape, there is a digitally painted flower covering his private area.

Season 2Edit

USA censorshipEdit

Changes that were made in the USA

  • Episode 1-The dirty magazines are altered so the women on them appear to wear clothes, and word "dating" is added to the cover of the most prominent one.
  • Episode 4-The scene of Master Roshi and Goku accidentally waking up Launch was shortened.
  1. The part where she is still in her panties and shoots and gets knocked out by Goku and Roshi attempting to touch her breast after she gets knocked out was removed.
  • Episode 5-Goku and Krillin's penises were not shown when they swim in the shark infested waters nude.
  • Episode 6-The scene of Roshi touching the flight attendant's rear was removed.
  • Episode 7-All the panty shots you see of Bulma were removed.
  • Episode 8- The speech the announcer talks about hitting in the private parts along with the part of Ranfan replying with "What about my parts" was removed.
  1. Krillin farting in Bacterian's face was edited to make it look like he was simply mooning him.
  • Episode 9-Ranfan's stripping was removed. Instead, the scene of one of Nam's failed attacks is shown followed by her twitching foot to show she was knocked out.
  • Episode 11-The scene of Goku dropping his pants in front of the crowd and shows his bare bottom to the stage to prove his tail is real was slighly changed, the US version did not show his penis.
  1. The scene of Krillin trying to distract Roshi by throwing a pair of panties was removed.
  • Episode 13-Roshi's Drunken Fist  attack was changed to Mad Cow Attack in the Toonami broadcast. The uncut DVDs changes the name to "Drunken Boxing."
  • Episode 15-Any shots that show Goku's penis when he was naked was removed, as well as a any shot that shows his balls from the rear.

Season 3Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 1-The scene of Master Roshi at the Underwear store was completely removed.
  • Episode 17-The scene where Goku shows Hasky his testicles after misinterpreting her request to see his Dragon Balls was changed to him showing her his boxers with Dragon Balls on them that Bulma made him.

Season 4Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

  •  Episode 7-Bulma and Krillin's accusations of General Blue being homosexual were altered.
  • Episode 11-The scene with General Blue and Obotchaman's encounter is changed, to him having mistaken Obotochaman for his long-lost brother Samuel. Due to the original scene he acts like a pedophilia.

Season 5Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

Season 6Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 3-Originally to help Yamcha defeat the Invisible Man Krillin brings over Master Roshi and Bulma from a picnic, he then yanks down Bulma's top exposing her breasts and causes Master Roshi to have a massive nosebleed that covers the Invisible Man in his blood.This was edited so that Master Roshi hands Krillin a can of tomato soup, and splashes the soup on the Invisible Man.

Season 7Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

Season 8Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 2-In the uncut version, Tambourine tells King Chappa that he has come to kill him, while in the TV airing it is changed to "end". The same occurs with nearly all subsequent uses of the word "kill" throughout the entire saga.
  • Episode 3-The scene where Bulma beats Master Roshi for looking at her underwear was cut.
  1. The scene with Man-Wolf's dead body floating along a river stream with a trail of blood behind it was cut.
  • Episode 4-The pages of the family album that Emperor Pilaf tries to show to King Piccolo are blanked out in the TV airing.
  • Episode 8-In the Japanese version, King Piccolo insulted Goku by saying latter "amounts to nothing more than ant shit", while in the English versions (cut and uncut), it was changed to "tiny and pathetic".
  1. Goku's "slug shit" retort was changed.
  2. The blood shown when Goku bites Piccolo's hand is edited out.
  • Episode 10-The blood that Master Roshi wiped off his face after getting struck by Piccolo was removed.
  • Episode 15-The scene where Piccolo chokes King Furry for speaking against him was removed from the TV airing.
  • Episode 21-The part where the King Piccolo began squeezing the Tiens head to keep Goku in place was cut.
  1. When Goku used the Penetrate! ability on Piccolo, nothing was shown other than a flash of white light. The scene showed a large hole in Piccolo's stomach witch caused it to be removed entirely.
  2. The blood on Piccolo's hands was removed.

Season 9Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 11
  1. The conversation that Master Roshi and Oolong have in the Japanese version regarding the Oolong's collection of women's underwear is changed to them talking about Oolong's ear length.
  2. Although the scene of Bulma elbowing Master Roshi is left intact, the TV airing never shows why it was done. In the uncut version, Bulma elbows Master Roshi for touching her butt, while in the TV version.
  • Episode 12
  1. The scene where Master Roshi gets slapped by a random woman in the crowd for "accidentally" burying his face into her breasts was cut.
  • Episode 25
  1. The blood that oozes from Goku's chest as a result of Piccolo blasting a hole through it is edited out.
  2. The scene that shows blood dripping onto the ground was cut.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

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