Dr. No is a American spy movie that was made by United Artists, and was released in 5 October, 1962. When it was released in Europe the BBFC censored due to being to violent and being to sexually suggestive.


UK CensorshipEdit

  • Bond's fight with the chauffeur was shortened. It removed the scene where Bond hits the chauffeur when he is defenseless, and the knee kick was cut.
  • The scene where Bond kills Dent was Bond firing at Dent one time, in the American version Bond firing off mutable rounds witch results in Dent dying
  • The scene where Dr. No says "I'm sure she will amuse the guards" it was changed to "The guards will amuse her "
  • The scene where Dr. No's henchmen are beating up Bond when he is on the table was cut.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

Even though it was originally uncensored in the USA the only DVD/ VHS version of the movie is the BBFC censored version.

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