This page is not to be taken seriously. We figured we might as well have some fun in the middle of all this righteous indignation. Do please post your wild imaginings here.

It's all down to Dick Cheney. He did this to scupper the USA-India nuke deal.

This is a test of the censorship system to see if they can block things effectively in the future.

It's the aliens again! The grays! They did it! Unconfirmed reports say a UFO landed over the National Informatics Centre building the other day. Eyewitnesses said they saw two grays dismount from the alien craft, and were soon led inside the building by officials. One of the grays took offence when an Indian official welcomed them with a loud fart. The annoyed gray grabbed him by the collar, pushed him up against a wall, kicked him there and muttered something. Expert lip readers who were well versed in the gray tongue think it might've said something relating to the brains (or the lack of it) of officials from NIC. (In the past, some NIC officials have complained of overt racism being dished out to them by grays, who think they're from a biologically and technologically superior race.)

As the news spread like wild fire and people gathered, the building was cordoned off. Members of the press and especially bloggers were not allowed to come close to the building. When a journalist somehow sneaked in and inquired an official as to what was happening, he was downright rude and said, "Somebody from a distant star must've landed. What is your problem?"

Bloggers, however, think there is a problem. They feel an intergalactic alien superpower, in collusion with the Indian government, is clamping down on their right to express as since the past three days, many Indian bloggers havent been able to access blogspot blogs, and a few other websites.

In related news, the government is planning to ban telephones after the surprising discovery that terrorists indeed use telephones to communicate was made. Another blogger reports that "The Indian Government has decided to turn off the water supply as it has been reported that the terrorists use water to live. Its always good to see that any government has intelligent people making all the decisions."

While the government continues to impose a ban on blogspot, it is doing nothing to block popular proxy sites like pkblogs or inblogs. I wonder why? One sinister explanation I can think of is that the whole purpose of this blocking exercise is to guage the social leverage that the blogger community has and the technical sophistication of the circumvention measures it can employ. This information will come handy when the government really wants to impose censorship.

I think the Government is trying to hide behind the cloak of incompetence. They must have very well known or they must surely have been told by every ISP that it is not possible to block only subdomains of blogspot or typepad. The list of blogs given by them to block are pretty innocous. There are much worse sites out there. like the one above me said they were just testing the waters.

Govt. is planning to ban

NIC, is now planning to impose a ban on the official website of Indian railway. It seems this site has provided a lot of information to the terrorists of Mumbai blast. And possibly the tickets were also bought through this site only. In the larger interest of the country, the decision was taken by the competent Govt. officials.

Further, Govt. is also planning to block a few other sites and news channels which are showing the plight of Blast victims or helping them in any other way. Govt. officials confirmed that these organisations are being banned as in a sense, they are also spreading the message of terror sent by the terrorists.

Further these ban-orders will be sent through email ( for the first time in the history of NIC ). An email-id, for the head of NIC, is already created with one of the free email service providers and will be used for the purpose. The officials are now trying to understand the functioning of emails. The mail is drafted already and it will be sent as soon as they will be able figure out the "send" button's functionality. Hopefully it will take some time.

Further, though it is lifted from the blogspot, for some reasons, NIC decided to keep the ban on Geocities. They clarified that as per the information from security agencies, Geocities is the site hosted by the terrorists, regarding the cities where explosion has to be carried out.

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