Code Geass is a Japanese anime made by Sunrise studios.  When adult swim bought the rights to the anime it modified some of the episodes in order to be aired on the network.

What was ChangedEdit


Adult SwimEdit

Season OneEdit

  • Episode 3
  1. The scene that shows Kallen is in the shower while talking with Lelouch it shows her nipple and breast, both were pixelated.
  • Episode 15
  1. the scene that shows Viletta naked under a bed sheet. She sits up and the sheet falls down, revealing her breasts and nipples, her breast and nipple were pixelated.
  • Episode 12
  1. Nina masturbates on the corner of a table while looking at a photo of Princess Euphemia was cut.
  • Episode 19
  1. The scene that shows Kallen is bathing in a waterfall, and then Suzaku calls out to her from the shore. As she turns around in response to his call, her nipples and breast are pixleated.
  • All Pizza Hut products were cut in the american release.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

The DVD's /blu-ray are uncensored and the FUNmation website is uncensored.

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