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Code Geass is a Japanese anime made by Sunrise studios.  When adult swim bought the rights to the anime it modified some of the episodes in order to be aired on the network.

What was ChangedEdit

  • Nudity-In episode 3 one of the characters is taking a shower the part of you seeing her breast and nipple was cut, in episode 15 a character who was sleeping for up and you saw her breast and nipple was cut, episode 19 had a character taking a shower in a waterfall when she runs and then falls you see her breast and nipple this was cut from the adult swim broadcast.
  • Sexual Situation-A masturbation scene was cut.
  • All Pizza Hut products were cut in the american release.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

The DVD's /blu-ray are uncensored and the FUNmation website is uncensored.

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