The show was originally meant to aired on HBO, but due to HBO not wanting the series AMC bought it this result in some scenes being censored due to AMCs network standards.

Season 1Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 1
  • Audio was muted Walter: "Fuck you, Bogdan!" Bogdan: "What?" Walter: "I said fuck you!"
  1. When Hank is complaining was muted: "What, do you work at the fucking Pottery Barn?"
  2. Jesse's girlfriend's breasts were blurred when she throws his clothes out of the window of her house.
  3. When she is closing the window in the background her breasts are blurred.
  4. Emilio, was muted: "You ratasnitch motherfucker!"

International CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 1-
  • The intro is changed so the house can be seen in full daylight from outside instead of showing the house inside at night.
  1. A few frames more seconds of Skyler, then Walter jr continues to complain about the vegetarian ham. Walter jr "Not me. I want real bacon. Not this fake crap." Skyler: "Too bad. Eat it."
  2. The part of Walter notices someone is watching. "Hey, Mr. White!" Class clown Chad can be seen taking a picture; "Make those tires shine, huh?" Chad's girlfriend is at the phone: "Oh, my God. You would not believe who's cleaning Chad's car. Mr. White...from Chemistry." Walter lets his head down and keeps on washing. He then drives home, but in different shots showing only the interior of the car. He takes the sign for disabled people from the rear mirror and puts it into the glove compartment, which does not want to open at first, was cut.
  3. After the birth party,a scene is missing in which Walter enters the bedroom. Skyler satisfies him with her hand, but he almost does not react. Walter asks about the auction: "Which one's this?" Skyler: "That faux-Lalique vase I picked up at the Super-Swap." Walter: "How's it doing?" Skyler: "I met my reserve, and there's still two minutes." She puts her hand under the blanket, Walter is confused: "What's up?" Skyler, slowly moving her hand: "You tell me, birthday boy... Oh, hey, so what's up for Saturday?" Walter: "Car wash. Bogdan says he needs me." Skyler: "Until what time? Noon? 1-ish?" Walter: "Probably 2, more like it." Skyler: "And then what after that?" Walter: "Actually... I was thinking of driving up to Los Alamos. The visitor center has an exhibit on... It's really supposed to be..."Skyler: "You're not gonna paint?" Walter: "I'll paint. It's just that this...part of this exhibition on the...Mars Rover photographs are... The detail really is just supposed to be amazing." Skyler pocht auf die Hausarbeit: "It's just that I really need you to paint at some point. I mean, the sooner that back bedroom gets finished. And I'd do it myself, except you said you don't want me standing on the stepladder."
    Walter: "I'll paint. I will paint." Skyler is becoming impatient because her work under the blanket does not lead to anything: "What is going on down there?" Walter: "No, it's just..." Skyler: "Is he asleep?" Walter: "No, It's nothing. You know, just... You know, we gotta be careful about the baby." Skyler: "Don't worry about the baby. This is just for you. We are just doing you tonight. So just close your eyes. Relax, and let it... Close your eyes." Walter follows the order: "Okay." Skyler: "There you go. That's it. That's it. There you go. Keep it going. Keep it going. Keep it going. Keep... Yes!" The euphoric scream seems a bit weird to Walter and he just realizes the reason for it when looking sideways. She is happy about her auction: "56!"
  4. The Internatonal version shows Walter 2 seconds longer on the ground, then a black screen follows and a shot of him Walter fades in in the clinic. The orginal version shows his drive in the ambulance. Walter wants to pretend as if nothing had happened. At the end, the physician's discovery already hints at his cancer.
     Walter: "This is so embarrassing. I am fine. Honestly. It's just some bug going around. First my wife had it, then my son, and now me. It's just like a chest cold. Could be some low blood sugar as well. I didn't have the greatest breakfast this morning, honestly. Hey, listen, can you do me a favor? Can you just...drop me off at a corner somewhere?" Doctor: "No. Sorry." Walter: "It's just that I don't have the greatest insurance." Doctor: "Take a couple of deep breaths for me. Is there anybody you want us to contact for you?" Walter: "God, no."
    Doctor: "Lean forward for me, would you?" After a short feeling he asks: "Mr. White, are you a smoker?"
    Walter is still confused: "No. Never. Why do you ask?"
  5. The shot in the car starts earlier, Hank and Steven talk longer. Hank: "It's the last house on the right. See it? Not the two-story one. The one next to it. The kind of... I don't know, what do you call that? Green?" Steven: "Sage." Hank: "Sage? What, do you work at the fucking Pottery Barn?" Steven: "Sage. That's the word for it. My fault the only word your dumb ass knows is green?" Hank: "Cheese dick. I know that one. How 'bout that? Anyway, it's the sage one. See it?" was cut.
  6. Hank says: "Watch this. This makes 'em shit." This line was cut from the international version.
  7. Jesse's girlfriend is wearing a bra when she is standing at the window, in the original version she was naked.
  8. Jesse's girlfriend is wearing a bra when she is closing the window in the background, in the orginal she is naked.
  9. The International version instantly shows Walter stealing things from school after his chat with Jesse. An exterior view of his car in front of the school serves as a transition here.The orginal version shows an additional scene, in which Skyler talks to Marie. It is about Skyler's hobbies and living, together with Walter. Marie: "What the hell is this? Skyler: "Damned if I know. I described it as mosaic folk art." Marie: "Somebody bought it?"
    Skyler: "Yeah, some guy in Minneapolis. $14.00 plus shipping." Marie: "Yes! At this rate, in 50 or 60 years, you'll be rich. So how goes the novel?" Skyler: "It's not a novel, actually, which I have..." Marie: "You're not writing a novel? You told me you were." Skyler: "No. Short stories. I said that if eventually I have enough good ones that maybe I'll try and...publish another collection." Marie: "Those really didn't sell. I just thought a novel would be easier to sell." Skyler: "Yeah, well, maybe so." Marie: "Ever want me to read anything, I could critique it for you." Skyler: "No. I mean, I'm not at that stage where I... No." Marie: "Open offer. So what's up with Walt lately?" Skyler: "What do you mean? He's fine." Marie: "He just seems, I don't know...quieter than usual."
    Skyler: "Turning 50 is a big deal. I mean, I'm sure as hell not looking forward to 40. You're gonna be a complete basket case." Marie: "So it's mid-life crisis." Skyler: "No, he's just quiet." Marie: "How's the sex?"
    Skyler: "Marie, Jesus!" Marie: "Guess that answers that..."
  10. When Jesse gets startled by the dog and jumps back, and says "Jesus Christ!" was muted.
  11. Cut scene short so you didn't see the van on the dirt road you only saw the inside of it.
  12. Cut the part were Walter looking backwards to Krazy-8 and Emilio being hurled around. Another shot of the RV follows.

Season 3Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 5
  • Additional distance shot of the nude girls when Jesse orders bubbly.
    The TV Version sticks to the previous shot of the waitress for a few more frames, followed by a more harmless, closer shot of Jesse.
  1. The DVD shows more shots of the girls, and shows more cleavag.
  2. DVD shows a close up shot of a dancer.
  3. DVD sticks with Jesse who has made himself comfortable between two of the dancers. A further picture of Combo is being taken. The TV Version contains an out of focus shot of the room with champagne in the foreground, followed by a shot of Skinny Pete snorting.
  4. DVD has shows two topless dancers, The TV Version contains a shot of a glass filled with champagne instead.
  5. DVD shows two girls breats.

Season 5Edit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 6
  1. The  DVD version  uncensored the message saying Fuck You.

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