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Welcome to the Bloggers Against Censorship campaign, part of the Censorship Wikia. Please join us in documenting the current internet access restrictions in India. You are welcome to add your name to the Bloggers Collective group if you support our cause.


Bloggers Against Censorship was set up to collate information about and influence opinion against the Indian Government's apparent notice to various ISPs to block various websites including blogs hosted on and All Yahoo! Geocities web sites have also been blocked by most Indian ISPs since July 1, 2006.

There are many questions raised by these apparent acts of Internet Censorship. This effort is aimed at nothing less than ensuring the Government will never again do something like this. There should be no site or group of sites that they will ever again be able to block; in fact, there should be no book they will ban, no infringement on freedoms at all ever again. It is against our constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression as an Indian Citizen.

This wiki was initiated to become a central resource around this issue, by the Bloggers Collective Group which is collating and disseminating information on this issue. You can either join the mailing list or subscribe to RSS Feeds.

This is a current event, and new developments take place regularly. In addition, most of what appears on these pages is being compiled from a variety of sources: weblogs, press reports, personal information-gathering, and the Bloggers Collective. So the information presented changes often, is frequently updated, and not always verifiable, though we're making every effort to present only facts.

Please also note that this is a Wiki, a collaborative website which anyone can edit, so by its very nature it is dynamic and vulnerable to abuse.

The table of contents below lists the sub sections focusing on various topics on this wiki.

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