American Pie released in 1999 and was made by Universal Pictures. In order to get a R rating the movie studio removed most of the scenes that are related to sex or sexual activities. The movie latter got a unrated edition that added those scenes back into the movie.

Unrated EditionEdit

This shows the differences between the Unrated Edition and the Theatrical cut

  • The theatrical cut only shows Vicky´s smiling face as Kevin ejaculates into the cup. In the Unrated Version she is shown straightening her top while Kevin is in the background ejaculating into the cup.
  •  In the Unrated Version Jim is lying on top of it, in the theatrical cut he is standing there with the apple pie, leaning on the counter.
  • In the Unrated Version Jims dad sees Jim on the table, in the theatrical cut shows Jim covering himself up with the pie.
  • In the Unrated Version he first learns that his enemy is the Vibrator, then he sees some drawings of sex positions. In the theatrical cut the vibrator is shown, and he sees  a drawing of the "healing Love".
  •  In the Unrated Version When you see the monitor Nadja has her hand under her slip.

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