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The Amazing World of Gumball is a TV show that is one Cartoon Network. The show is censored in the USA due to having a TV-Y7- rating. Due to this rating the show is unable to show some content that are on other shows like the Regular Show and Adventure Time. It has also been censored around the world in order to make it more family friendly.

Season OneEdit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 7-The title card is missing from the intro.
  • Episode 21-The title card is missing from the intro.

Season TwoEdit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 13-The scene where the boys use shock therapy to stop Clayton from lying was cut.
  • Episode 27-Gumball says "coward" instead of "bimbo" whe critizing Carmen.

Season ThreeEdit

Season FourEdit

USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 3-The ending scene where the Doughnut Sheriff tasers Marvin is cut.
  • Episode 25-The title card was missing from the intro.

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