Adventure Time is a American cartoon that was made by Cartoon Network. Adventure Time came out in April 5, 2010. Adventure Time has been censored around the world in order to make it more family friendly.


Kenya CensorshipEdit

  • The show was banned in Kenya due to it being "pro gay".

Season 1Edit

Australia/New Zealand CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 1
  1. The scene where Princess Bubblegum mentions that she used to date Mr. Cream Puff was cut.
  • Episode 2
  1. The scene where Finn says "Princess, this tea party sucks in a big way. But thanks for the invite." it was changed to "Princess, this tea party, in a big way! ." 
  2. The words "Make Out" from "Make-Out Point" were removed.
  3. Any sexual references were cut out of the episode.
  4. The scene where Monty says "Why are you sucking up to us?" was cut.
  5. The scene where Lumpy Space Princess says "I'm really really sorry Finn, but I can't help you, because my parents are horrible idiots!" it was changed to "I'm really really sorry Finn, but I can't help you."
  6. The scene where Lumpy Space Princess says "My friend Melissa Melissa has a car, but she's dating my ex-boyfriend Brad." it was changed to "My friend Melissa has a car."
  7. The words "Melissa, you should totally drive us to Make-Out Point, to make out with hot boys." it was changed to "Melissa, you should drive us to The Point, to Make out with hot boys"
  8. The sentence was cut right to " yeah lumpiness sucks!" to Yeah, lumpiness sucks!" to "Yeah."
  9. The sentence was cut from, "This orb is the antidote, brah." to "This orb is the antidote.", because "brah" sounds like the homophone "bra."
  10. Finn saying "Slam-a-cow!" was cut out, possibly because it could be interpreted as a double entente for bestiality, hence 'slamming a cow'; 'slamming' being slang for sexual Innuendo.
  11. Monty Monty saying "Jam on, man." was changed to " Jam On,.", perhaps because the Cartoon Network executives thought that, like 'slam-a-cow', the expression 'jam on' may have undertones.
  12. Lumpy Space Princess saying "Shucks!" was cut .
  • Episode 3
  1. "Sleds are for suckers!" was cut.
  2. The scene that shows Finn and Jake arguing about "hot" was cut.
  3. "I try to be such a good husband for girls." was cut.
  • Episode 4
  1. The scene where Tree Trunks mentioning seducing the Brain Beast and Finn, and them talking to her about it was cut.
  • Episode 5-When Finn kicked the ogre in the groin, the show zoomed into him, in order to not show emphasis on the groin Heart Beast exploding and blood splattering all over the screen was cut.
  1. Finn kicking the Magician in the groin was edited, so when Finn's foot struck him, it would cut to a close-up of Finn's head shouting, "NEVER!" and the smoke dissipating after Finn kicked him.
  2. The clip of Finn's head was taken from the scene a few seconds later when Finn punches Key-per.
  3. Mannish Mannish referencing Finn's "nard-kicking ability" was edited, so it would say "kicking ability."
  4. The Adventure Time logo at the end was cut in Australia, likely because of the non-sequitur war sound effects in the background.
  • Episode 6-Some of the Baby Baby song was edited in Australia, such as "I gotta tuck you in, girl."
  1. Any scene with the torn picture of the nude woman was zoomed into Finn, Jake and the Jiggler.
  • Episode 7-The whole scene where Ice King accidentally kisses Jake's butt was cut.
  1. The word "patoot" was cut as well. 
  2. Ricardio revealing his plans about ripping out Princess Bubblegum's heart and making out with it was cut.
  • Episode 9-Lady Rainicorn only says "Come on my darling" to Jake, instead of the full line, "Come on my darling, wrap your legs around me."when she first wears the translator.
  1. The scene where Jake says "No, you go ahead and you have fun with my girlfriend!" was changed to "No, you go ahead!"
  • Episode 10-The guy hitting the other guy over the head with a cup at the beginning of the episode was cut.
  1. "No, it's raunchy and maddening! Oh, all those men and their disgusting, fantastic bodies!" was changed only to "No!" because kids might find that context confusing.
  2. " a cherub with his bottom out." was cut as well.
  • Episode 11-At the end when Finn and Jake were listening to the skeleton guy after they went naked, the camera was zoomed more into the skeleton guy, so that no one could see Finn's butt.
  • Episode 12-Marceline's phrase of "I carved it into this tree years ago, before you two rascals started squatting in it." was changed to "I carved it into this tree years ago, before you two started squatting in it."
  1. The scene where Marceline appears in the window and scares Finn was cut to after she taps on the window, Finn squints and screams.
  • Episode 14-When Gary said "Which one of you mortals wants to mate with all this?" was cut.
  1. All scenes with Jake manipulating his chest while in the man-baby body was cut.
  • Episode 15-The captions in the book for different objects were cut.
  1. "And I know just the dumbhole who can give us some." was changed to the sentence "And I know who can give us some."
  2. The words "private particles" were cut, due to it being a reference to the Ice King's crotch.
  3. "You can mate with robot princesses!" was cut.
  • Episode 17-In the wedding scene, the sentence, "Y'know, even though the Ice King is a wad, I'm still happy for him." was edited to "I'm still happy for him."
  1. "And to think I was happy for that son of a toot!" was cut.
  • Episode 18-The scene where the demon cat is telling Finn that he will munch on his eyeballs, unzip his skin and wear him 'like a little coat' and preforming different types of torturing was cut.
  1. The Key Songwas modified, removing "I want to have your baby."
  2. The Guardian Angel telling Finn that she will cook him and eat his flesh was cut.
  • Episode 19-"I should have asked if these were like, her eggs or something." was cut.
  1. "You son of a bleep-blob!" was cut.
  2. "I have something sucky to confess." to "I have something to confess."
  3. "Aw, shucks." was cut.
  • Episode 20-The two-headed monster saying "Our crotch! Our evil crotch!" was cut to say, "Our..."
  • Episode 21-Donny shoving the chicken into the mailbox in the beginning scene, then the close-up of him squeezing the eggs out of it was cut.
  1. "Maybe you'd wanna hang out with a couple of rascals like me and Jake." was changed to "Maybe you'd wanna hang out with me and Jake."
  • Episode 22-The scene that would appear to be Marceline biting the red bow tie man in the neck was edited, so that only Finn saying "Noooo!" in the next scene could be seen.
  1. Marceline asking Finn if he was thinking the white bow tie "sorta looked l of looked like a bra" was cut.
  2. Marceline's Fisherman Song only included "You look so cute, sitting in your boat..." instead of the all of the songs lyrics.
  3. Finn saying that he was going to murder the Plant Monster was cut.
  4. The short scene when Finn cut the Dimple Plant's arm was cut.
  5. The line "I saved my bro from a scum-sucking vampire!" was removed entirely.
  • Episode 23-"Whoa, I've never seen a knife storm before. It's beautiful..." was simply edited to only say "Whoa..."
  1. Finn and Jake using the bucket elevator to get to the attic while barely dodging the knives was cut.
  2. "Dang, girl. If you weren't a figment of my imagination, I'd want to have your baby." was cut.
  3. Finn's phrase "Oh, see dude? You SUCK now!" was cut.
  • Episode 24-When  Ice KIng says "I think I heard the word 'virile' in there." was cut out.
  • Episode 25-"His Hero" was refused to be aired on Cartoon Network Australia because of the plot promoting violence.
  • Episode 26-The part where Sharon says that she thinks Jake is "hot" was cut due to sexual references.

Season 2Edit

Australia/New Zealand CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 1-Marceline explaining what she would do to her father once she got her bass guitar back was cut.
  1. The leader of the Marauders appears in his short cameo saying, "Then I popped his head like a cork, and then I said, 'That's what I think about the expanding earth theory!'" was edited to not include the part about the cork it was censored by birds chirping.
  2. A Fuzzy Friend saying "Who the fluff are you?" was been cut.
  • Episode 2-"Poo Brain means we can lure it away with music." was changed to "It means we can lure it away with music."
  1. Everything brainless loves music!" was changed to "Everything loves music!"
  • Episode 3-All of the comments made by the Nice King about him liking smooth princesses was cut.
  • Episode 4-Nearly all scenes of people in the Swamp of Embarrassment was censored, the only part of the body not censored was their faces.
  1. The Ghost giving demonstrations of Dropball were cut, making the whole scene very confusing.
  • Episode 5-Finn trying to find romance in the forest was cut.
  1. Finn being mauled and hit over the head with a club was cut.
  2. Finn trying to convince Mrs.Cow that she doesn't need a paper bag around her PHIL FACE udder was cut as well due to the gross design of the udder.
  • Episode 6-The scene where the grain of salt burns Snorlock's face was cut out.
  1. The scene where Snorlock and the Slug Lady were kissing near the Tree Fort and BMO being covered by slime was cut as well.
  2. When Jake says "I'm Just thinking about mating with snails" was cut.
  • Episode 7-"With sexy, fun dancing!" was changed to "With dancing!".
  • Episode 8-Tree Trunk's voice saying "Get your hands off my lover!" was changed to "Get your hands off!".
  • Episode 10-Jake saying "Kissing Princess Bubblegum on the mouth!" was changed to "Kissing Princess Bubblegum"
  1. The Tree Witch mentioning her "bottomless bottom" was cut.
  2. "*sigh* I can't do it. You're gonna have to spend the rest of your life in this witch's butt." was cut.
  • Episode 12-Ethel mentioning Jake dating Lady Rainicorn was cut.
  • Episode 14-In the riot scene, where the goblin hits his hand with a hammer, the hammer was removed from the scene.
  • Episode 20-Jake educating Finn on kissing was cut.
  1. At the end, when the Candy People were kissing at the movies, was cut.
  2. When Marceline said "But no tongue" was cut.
  • Episode 22-Jake showing pain when the baby scorpions stung him was cut.
  1. Jake and Finn's song, the "makin' babies" was cut out.
  • Episode 23-Anyone mentioning the word "smooching" had their dialogue changed, such as, "No, not all. We should throw away the parts where Slime Princess was smoochin. That was dumb." to "No, not at all. That was dumb."
  • Episode 24-Ice King showing Finn and Jake the writings of Princess Bubblegum's name on his arms and legs was cut.
  1. "I'm sorry I hit you in the ball." was cut to "I'm sorry I hit you-" and Finn showing affection to the gauntlet was cut.
  2. Close up version of Finn forcing the "like like" sweater, pulling it, and the breaking the Lich's face was cut.
  • Episode 25-Finn naming the several things that he got for Princess Bubblegum while she was possessed by the Lich (gasoline, lighter fluid, bleach, ammonia, plutonium) was cut, due to wanting to prevant children from trying to drink those items.

Season 3Edit

Australia/New Zealand CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 1
  1. The scene where Jake says "ketchup tastes better than blood" was cut.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

The American version is completely uncensored.

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